Fibrolamellar News

Stay up-to-date about fibrolamellar by checking out the most current articles, in the general press and in the scientific literature, curated by a group of fibrolamellar patients and parents working together to find a cure. More

Community Forum

An organized, searchable forum for talking to -- and learning from -- fellow fibrolamellar patients, family members and caregivers. We're sharing our stories, and trading tips about surgeries, nutrition, hospitals and more. Join us! More

Future Goals

Our goal is to have a secure, digital patient registry which will collect information on patient medical histories, test results, scans and physical tumor samples so that we can link all the information with scientists, physicians, collaborating hospitals and research institutions around the world studying fibrolamellar. This, in turn, will attract and speed research with the goal of developing diagnostic tests, and ultimately treatments. More