Introduction to the Scientific Literature of Fibrolamellar

Reading the latest articles in peer-reviewed journals is the best way to stay up-to-date about fibrolamellar. To help both doctors and patients do this, we have collected a curated list of the key papers, along with plain English summaries.

To keep up with the latest articles, open any web browser, and search for the term PubMed. This will take you to a site run by the National Institutes of  Health (NIH) of the United States. Or you can click here:  This site was developed by the NIH with the specific purpose of making all of their research available to the public. Type “fibrolamellar” into the search box. This will yield a complete list of articles that have the word fibrolamellar.  If you click on the article, you will be brought to a more in-depth description of the article.  Most of the articles will have a one-paragraph description.  Most will also have a box in the upper right hand corner (under the blue banner), which, if you click on it, will get you access to the article.

Many publishers will want to charge you for the article. Contact us if you need help getting access. Many authors, if emailed, will send you a free PDF of the articles. Fortunately, the NIH now requires that any work done with NIH funds must be made available for free to the public within six months of publication. Thus, many of the articles on the PUBMED site will have a small sign saying: FREE PMC Article.

Click here to see the articles that we have already added to the web site.

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